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Outsourced Credit Control

Outsourced Credit Control

Outsourced credit control from Sollertia can reduce costs, free up employee time and office space and reduce debtor days and bad debts.

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An effective credit control system is vital to the health of a business. Along with customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction, cash flow is said to be one of the three most important indicators for a business.

Setting up a high quality, pro-active credit control system is the base point for meeting two key business objectives - avoiding bad debts and optimising cash flow. Sollertia’s outsourced credit control facility will ensure that these objectives are achieved whilst providing a tailor-made, flexible and sensitive service which will maintain a positive personal relationship with your customers.

The Credit Control activities that Sollertia could carry out for your business would include the following tasks:

  Produce and send letters when a Debt becomes due (seven days, fourteen days, and then proceed to legal with your consent), first letter sent in the name of your company with your logo / branding, then the second letter sent from Sollertia.

  If the debt is over an agreed amount then we would make a call before the first letter is sent out, then make further calls to all debtors before issuing a legal letter to your outstanding debtors. All calls would be made in the name of your company but with a Sollertia contact name and number.

   The above tasks are usually our normal procedure, but we can modify the procedure to suit your company’s customer relationship culture.

   Process and chase all remittance advice's.

  Relay information back to your company of any queries with customer’s accounts in a prompt and documented manner. Normally informed within 2 working days.

  If the Debt remains unpaid after twenty one days then our online purchase ledger system would flag this and the purchase ledger clerk would progress to legal action (with the consent at Director level if required). All legal costs (e.g. legal letter, statutory demand) would be recharged to your company which may include a fee for administering the legal action. (The majority of these costs can usually be reclaimed from the customer on the issue of the action).

There are many reasons for outsourcing credit control: you may only need an hour or two’s credit control each day and it is difficult to find a part-time person to do this; you may not want to tie-up cash on an employee and instead opt for a lower cost outsourced solution; you may have a growing business with limited office space; you may have a number of credit controllers at different locations and want to centralise this function; your existing employees may be acting as credit controllers and you would like this function to be performed separately; debtor days may be increasing putting a strain on cash flow.

Outsourcing your credit control to Sollertia can reduce costs, free up employee time and office space and reduce debtor days and bad debts. Our highly experienced personnel make calls in your name as if we were part of your business; a friendly, professional approach and proficient, bespoke systems gets fast results without jeopardising client relationships; and all contact with your customers is fully traceable, always up-to-date and recorded on our online credit control software.

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